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Boston Has Always Been a Racist City

The recent Adam Jones narrative about Boston is nothing new. Boston is a racist city, has been and more than likely will continue to be. Being from there, I can vouch for that fact as I have witnessed it as well as been subjected to it as well.

Is everyone in Boston a racist? Absolutely not. That is like saying everyone in Congress is competent and understands how the Constitution works. Boston has always been a segregated city. The Irish live in one neighborhood, the Italians in another and sprinkle in the Asians, blacks and hispanics in other areas. Even before the bus riots back in the 70’s Boston was always segregated.

What makes Boston so racist? It could be a number of reasons. It could be that neighborhoods are segregated from the beginning. It could be that Boston has a Napoleon complex when it comes to being compared to New York that is has to out do them in every sense of the word. I would hedge my bets that the a good portion of the Boston residents rarely venture outside of Massachusetts. There are people who have lived in the same 3 story tenement house as their parents and their parents before them. They know nothing of life outside of the 617 area code and thus are ignorant to what is acceptable and what is not in today’s society. I’m sure Trump as their President won’t help them elevate their social ignorance, but that is a story for another day.

When I was working in Boston back in my mid 20’s I had to work through Boston’s financial district to reach my job. I kid you not, people would look at me as if my sole purpose in that town was to clean their toilets. God forbid anyone hold a door open for a person of color. I witness people holding the door for other white people and when a minority was behind them, they just let the door slam.

At Red-Sox games are the worst. Drunk, ignorant people yelling obscenities and racist remarks. It’s not an isolated incident, it is the norm. At the 2010 NBA Championship, I was 8 rows from the court. The whole New England Patriots defense sat right in front of me. That didn’t stop people from taunting the Lakers with ignorant remarks. I sat there in disbelief that people had balls that big to be that racist and in such close proximity of people who they would root for on Sundays.

Boston will never shake it’s racist history or its present. Hell there are laws still in the books proclaiming that Native Americans are not allowed in the city limits. These stories like the Adam Jones’ story will continue to come out to light until the city of Boston really addresses their racist past and find ways to rid it from their future.

I’ll always support Boston related teams, but I have no love for that racist city.