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Bolt disses Carl Lewis

Usain Bolt has proved himself to be the most dominant sprinter in Olympic history. This after the Jamaican sweep in the 200-meter race where Bolt claimed the double double following his 100 meter win with a victory in the 200  just as he did four years ago.

After collecting his fifth career Olympic gold medal and second of these  London Games, Bolt was asked about the greatest sprinters of all time, among them Jesse Owens and Carl Lewis. Bolt showed love to Owens but ripped Lewis to shreds.

“Carl Lewis, I have no respect for him,” Bolt said. “The things he says about the track athletes are very downgrading. I think he’s just looking for attention because nobody really talks about him.

“I’ve lost all respect for him. All respect.”

Bolt was then asked what caused him to lose respect for Lewis.

“All drug stuff,” he said.

When Bolt captivated the world  in Beijing by winning three gold medals, Lewis pointed out  Bolt’s remarkable improvement  in the 100 meters, from 10.03 to 9.69 in the course of a year.

“If you don’t question that in a sport that has the reputation it has right now, you’re a fool,” Lewis said.

Bolt is hugely popular and well liked all over the world particularly here in the United States, i don’t find his slight of Lewis out of bounds at at all. He is a prideful man and as he indicated he and his fellow countrymen work hard to achieve what they did.

Never was their dominance more evident than  Thursday, when the tiny island nation swept the 200, with Bolt taking gold, Yohan Blake silver and Warren Weir bronze. A proud night for Jamaica. So maybe Bolt pulled a Michael Jordan by ripping Lewis on a night, when he should have been beaming with national pride and celebrating a major victory . To the critics i say, so what !! Usain Bolt is king, he took offense to Lewis’ comments and clearly let the world know. Will those comments hurt his pocket and endorsement opportunities? I doubt it.


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