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Blue Jays Player In Trouble Over Eyeblack Message

I’ve always been a fan of the writing on the eyeblack with athletes. It’s just a cool way of getting a message out there to the fans, or promoting a cause that they believe in, like this…

Except, when the messages are homophobic, racist or just down right mean.

 Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar is the target of a Major League Baseball investigation after photos of him from Saturday’s game against the Boston Red Sox showed he was wearing eye-black stickers with a homophobic slur written in Spanish on them.

Photographs taken by fans and Getty Images captured the message on the eye-black that read, “Tu Ere Maricon,” which literally translates to “You Are Faggots.”

Um…Mr. Escobar. With all due respect sir, you will be summoned to the commissioners office. Please bring your wallet and or checkbook.

The Blue Jays will have a press conference today to discuss this issue.


Blue Jays SS Yunel Escobar suspended 3 games for displaying an unacceptable message while participating in an MLB game.

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