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Black Sports Talk Network WSME Gaining Momentum

Don’t look now but black sports fans who want to hear more black sports radio hosts now have a station to call their own. The Stewart Media & Entertainment Network which is available via Spreaker has decided to air live urban themed shows from around the country. Fans of Atlanta’s 2 Live Stews and Miami’s The Sports Brothers actually now have an opportunity to hear Sports Talk with hot sauce as they did one time ago. The flavor is back with WSME which Doug Stewart the network CEO launched online a couple of years ago and now they have a huge national following.

Check out WSME daily

Among the shows aired on the all urban network The Doug Stewart Show out of Atlanta and The Jeff Fox Show based in Miami. Other Live Shows from all around the country can be heard live daily on WSME. The demographic that was once being under served now has a place to go. If you want to hear sports talk with some flavor check out WSME !!