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BBD The Boys Are Back

When i hear what some folks call music nowadays i just scream “It’s Driving Me Outta My Mind” !! Go ahead and call me the old man if you want to but let’s be honest sometimes the new stuff makes you wanna shake your head. This is why i was so excited about the return of BBD.

Bell Biv DeVoe returned with “Run” on Monday, dropping their first new work in 15 years.

Along with the song, they also announced the release of their fourth studio album, Three Stripes =, on Jan. 27. Man !!!! I can’t wait !! The new joint “Run” is a banger produced by Erick Sermon. I love it !! Check out the blazing hot new video.

Bell Biv DeVoe are currently at work on a three-part BET mini-series titled “The New Edition Story” which will chronicle both their lives and careers and those of their New Edition family.


Look for Bell, Biv, DeVoe on our radio show soon. We will let them slide for being Patriot fans…lol. Welcome Back Guys.