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Baltimore’s Lor Scoota Latest Rapper To Be Murdered

scoota I still get over come with grief when i think back to that fateful day on March 9th 1997 when my favorite rapper The Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down. It was only a few months after the death of the iconic Tupac Shakur. Hip Hop had lost it’s two biggest stars in drive by shootings. It made no sense then and makes no sense now. Here we are 20 years later with no arrest in either case and rappers are still getting shot down like they are at war. What is it with hop hop ? I don’t remember the Jackson Five rolling up on The Osmonds asking them to break themselves ? I don’t remember the Backstreet Boys wanting to spray N’Sync ? Did we not learn when we lost Pac and BIG within months of each other ?

Yesterday it happened again. Right after leaving a rally to for peace in Baltimore’s streets, an aspiring rapper was ambushed and killed by the gun violence he wanted to end.
Lor Scoota, a rising 23-year-old rapper from Baltimore, known for his infectious “Bird Flu” song in 2014, was gunned down in broad daylight on a busy intersection in the city on Saturday, after the shooter jumped in front of the musician’s car and opened fire.
Investigators believe the ambush was a targeted attack, with Scoota as the intended victim.

“A kid that has been involved in a number of different rallies for peace throughout our city is the latest victim of crime here in Baltimore,” Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith told reporters at a press conference on Sunday.
Once again the hip hop world has the stain of death associated with it. Could it be the lyics ? The culture ? Is rap music too real ? I don’t know for sure. When i was growing up Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson smoked mofos on the regular and i don’t remember anybody wanting to kill them. Lor Scoota was up and coming and used the slogan “Up Next” and it seems he was just that. Up next to die.

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