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Does Another Finals Loss Tarnish Lebron’s Legacy?

It feels like every sports reporter, media pundit, blogger and armchair coach are talking about the legacy of Lebron James. Does losing his third Finals championship tarnish an otherwise stellar career? How will he stack up to the all time greats with only 2 championships to his credit while he has 3 losses. If you think like me then you think that it is way to premature to even talk about the legacy of Lebron James. Legacy is something you leave behind when all is said and done and from what I can tell Lebron has a lot more history to write before he is completely finished with the game of basketball.

Legacy : anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor: the legacy of ancient Rome.

Based on the definition above of the word legacy it seems Lebron James is not at the point in his career where he can hand something down like his complete body of work for him to be remembered by.

It is absurd to be talking about the legacy of Lebron James. If his career was to end today then that is completely acceptable. Barring a horrific and career ending injury, Lebron has another 7-8 years left in his already impressive career.

According to many national sports media professionals and amateurs alike, the legacy of Lebron James took a major hit when he lost his 3rd NBA Championship Finals series. What is lost is the fact that he and the Miami Heat went to the Finals 4 years in a row. Did Jordan do that? Did Magic of Bird? Getting to the Finals is no easy task, but doing it 4 years in a row is impressive. The Heat are in the record books with the likes of all time greats the Celtics and Lakers as one of the few teams that has accomplished such a feat.

So how many losses in the NBA Finals does it take before it starts to be a blemish on a player’s legacy?

It seems since Lebron has lost 3, that 3 is the magic number. So is he not going to be considered one of the best because he has lost 3 NBA Finals so far?

If 3 is the number that knocks the shine off a player’s legacy then consider that Magic Johnson has lost 4 times in the Finals. Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain lost 8 times. Do we not still consider Magic one of the all time greats? Wilt is still revered as one of the best centers of all time right? Hell, the likeness of Jerry West is used as part of the NBA logo.

I mean who would put an 8 time loser on their logo and brand? Dumb right? We only want winners who never failed at anything because that is what we expect.

So which player would you have as part of the NBA logo that never failed?

It’s unfair and down right absurd to talk about what the legacy of Lebron James will be when all is said and done. He certainly as the hardware and the stats to go down as one of the all time greats and the scary part is that he still has plenty left in the tank.

Will there be another like him? I’m not sure. I think we’re witnessing a once in a lifetime player like Jordan was and Magic and Bird etc.

Players in the pre-internet era never really had to deal with the daily attacks on their performances etc. Players today are more accessible, more visible. Jordan never had to deal with free agency questions of where will he sign next etc. on a daily basis the way Lebron has to.

It’s almost unfair that amount of abuse Lebron gets and the majority of it is undeserved. I’m not a Lebron sympathizer if that is what you’re thinking, but I find it ridiculous to attack the man, his career or his choices while sitting behind a computer or smart phone. He is inundated daily with nonsense about where he stands among the all time great not to mention the daily comparisons to Jordan.

Instead of dissecting every fault and blowing it up into this huge deal that really doesn’t matter, why not just sit back and appreciate Lebron James for the player that he is and all that he has accomplished so far?

His basketball legacy is still being written. Judge him when all is said and done, not while a masterpiece is still in progress.

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Ed is one half of the Sports Brothers. He has been in the radio industry for 14 years working in several formats including urban and talk. Upon returning to Miami in 2006 and working at WTPS, he and Jeff Fox were paired up and started The Sports Brothers.