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Fantasy Football Fantasy featuring The Brothers Manning (video)


Manning Bros #Footballonyourphone Video

The Manning’s are off the chain. Check out the video.


Eli Manning in Toyota Camry Commercial

Them Manning boys sure know how to gobble up them endorsements don’t they?

Here’s a new one. Eli Manning in a Toyota commercial. It’s not really funny, but he and big brother do have some acting skills.


Manning to Broncos


And with that tweet, the race is over. Now we wait to see where Alex Smith and Tim Tebow go.


How Manning will look in a few days

The folks at have time on their hands and created these looks of what Peyton Manning would look like in 3 different team uniforms. They’ll get one of them right, as he will be choosing between the Denver Broncos, San Francisco, and Tennessee Titans.


All Manning, All the Time

If you noticed we’ve slowed a bit on the Manning news because, well that’s just not what we want to do. We’d rather just wait until something concrete happens and then we can talk about that for days.

Manning is doing what any highly coveted free agent would be doing right now and that’s being courted by several teams. All these reports claiming to know where he’s leaning, who’s kissed his butt harder and which team jersey looked the best on him are a waist of time. Hits and ratings, that’s all these journalist want.

Don’t get us wrong, we’d love the hits and page views too…but um…it just gets to be too much after a while.

Having said that, there’s a report out now saying that the Houston Texans are now reportedly highly interested in obtaining his services, as well as the San Francisco 49ers.

The report comes on the heels of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s claim that Manning would visit the Texans, though it makes no mention of a potential visit. It’s also the first time the 49ers have been credibly linked to Manning. As of Tuesday afternoon, San Francisco was still believed to be on the verge re-signing free agent Alex Smith. The Broncos, Dolphins, Cardinals and Titans are the other four teams “considered alive” in the hunt. Rehabbing from Lisfranc surgery, current Texans starter Matt Schaub is due $7.15 million in 2012. Rumors have suggested Houston is Manning’s preferred landing spot.

Rumors also said that Manning was leaning between Denver and Arizona on Sunday morning. See what we mean?



Reggie Wayne see’s Miami as a reunion destination for him and Manning

Let the madness start. Not since the summer of 2010 when Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were free agents has there been such a buzz surrounding free agency. Ok and when Reggie White was available. But this is a different day and age. It’s social media, 24 hr updates and everyone and their momma blogging and “reporting” about the destinations of several impending free agents.

Reggie Wayne spoke to Michael Irvin on his radio show and let it be known where he would like to land and where he hopes Peyton Manning will continue his career.

“You don’t think Manning wants to prove people wrong,” Wayne told Irvin. “You don’t think he wants to go out there and show everyone he’s back, and what he can do. This dude is going to be ready. Trust me, he’s going to be more than ready. And he’s not going to have a problem adjusting to nobodies scheme, and nobodies roster. He’s going to fit in just like he’s been there.”

“I can see it, and I’m definitely not opposed to it. He’s a great worker. I consider myself a great worker, and when you put great workers together good things happen. Me being in his trail to Miami, I would definitely love it! I’m totally available. I’m ready for anything that comes! I definitely see that in the mix. My phone is working. It’s definitely working. I’ve paid my whenever that phone rings, trust me, I’ll answer,”

Personally I’m cautiously optimistic about the possibilities of a Manning-Wayne reunion here in Miami. Dolphin fans would love it, but I’m not going to get my hopes up just yet because this franchise and the current administration could mess up a wet dream. Right now, I see the chances at 40 percent of landing both of them.


Manning workout video surfaces

This looks like something out of the searching-for-the-Loch-Ness-monster files. Or Bigfoot. Or Chupacabra.

Video of Peyton Manning throwing a football at Duke University

I can’t help but get a little giddy at the sight of one of the NFL’s legends making his comeback. It only makes you appreciate what we and thousands of Colts fans missed this past year.

And dammit…he would look great in a Dolphin uniform.


Manning and Wayne could be a 2-4-1 deal


Peter “the” King of is reporting that Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne could be a package deal to land in a stadium near you (or near me which would be Sun Life Stadium where the Miami Dolphins play;).

This bit of news has football fans in about 6 cities salivating at the present moment. King writes,

Such a pairing would not only be a plus for Manning, who would love to see it happen, according to one NFL source. But also it would allow him to go to his new team with one familiar receiving face, and if you can say one thing about Manning, it’s that he loves familiarity, particularly in how his receivers anticipate throws and the precision of their route-running.

The South Florida area is on the verge of exploding with some superstar talent not only at the American Airlines Arena where the Heat play, but at Sun Life Stadium where the ‘Phins play. Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall, and possibly Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne?? South Beach can’t get any hotter..or could it?


Manning’s Days in Indy are numbered

While all eyes are on Indianapolis for this weekends Super Bowl rematch between the NY Giants and the New England Patriots, a dominating topic during the week of super hype has nothing to do with the game. Rather, it has to do with the immediate future of Peyton Manning and the Colts. Things reached a boiling point last week as some of the uneasiness played out in the media. How do you say goodbye to an all time great? How do you say goodbye to a guy, who was a model citizen, who gave his heart and soul to a franchise and basically became the face of it for more than a decade? Not an easy thing to do. We have seen it done before, the great ones at some point in thier careers have to move on. It is never pleasant. Who could forget the great Jerry Rice ending his career in Bronco and Seahawk uniforms, OJ Simpson’s battered knees trying to hang on for just one more run in San Francisco. Emmit Smith a Cardinal? Joe Montana in a Chiefs uniform even though he enjoyed moderate success. There are so many examples, even in other sports and there is always that familiar sour taste. So the impending divorce between Peyton Manning and the Colts will be just the latest in a long line of historical break ups between great, hall of fame type athletes and the teams or cities they once called home. What makes this particular case even more tragic is the Peyton dilemma is taking place in his city, as his brother Eli is about to play the sport’s biggest game against a great rival in Tom Brady. We should be talking about Eli-Tom Terrific 2, instead we’re talking about big brother Peyton who has not taken a snap this season. Furthermore, and even more troubling is Peyton may not take another snap, ever again in an NFL game. The final verdict is not in, but the speculation is rampant that we may have seen the last of Peyton Manning in an NFL game as his injury is simply not getting any better. While teams are lining up with hopes of obtaining his services in Miami, San Francisco, Tennessee, Arizona and others. The writing may be on the wall, we will all know soon enough. Regardless of how it all pans out one thing is certain,Peyton Manning is without a doubt a first ballot hall of famer. Whenever the conversations are had in relation to the best that ever did it, Manning’s name will be mentioned several times during that discussion