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Jay-Z To Stop Using The B-word

Rap Mogul and new father Jay-Z is still celebrating the birth of Blue Ivy Carter. Days after the first child of r&b singer Beyonce and Jay-Z was birthed, the infant who has yet to utter any real words, landed on the Billboard charts at #74

Drake is Basketball’s Biggest Groupie

Watching Drake at Game 7 of the Raptors and Nets playoff game, I thought to myself, “What if the Raptors lose, how long before Drake is at all the Heat games?” and I thought to myself he is the epitome of a bandwagon fan. Then

The Heat Lack Competition in the East

The Notorious B.I.G. use to ask, “Where Brooklyn at?” and looking at these Eastern Conference standings I have to ask the same thing. As a matter of fact where the Knicks or Bulls at for that matter? The Pacers aside, the Heat lack competition in